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" I've used a lot of good anchors to hold my boat in the mighty Mississippi River and let me tell you it takes a good strong anchor to hold in up to 7mph current, the problem was not that the anchors I was using would not hold up or were not strong enough but they were heavy and bulky and I lost a lot of them. When I saw the NeverSnag Anchor I figured it would be like the rest of the store bought anchors I had used but boy was I wrong! This anchor is as strong as any I had ever built myself and was light as a feather, held my boat like a dream but the best part, I've never lost the first one in over a year and a half of using it!! Thank you Mike Paul for building the NeverSnag"

George Young Jr.    Arkansas

"Jerry and I fish out of a 21' Tracker Tundra. Our boat is pretty big and has some weight to it. Our biggest challenge for several years has been trying to find an anchor that will hold our boat in current,not weigh too much,and come up out of structure. We had no problem finding anchors that would address 2 of our concerns but never all 3. Then we were referred to Mike Paul and NeverSnag Anchors! The NeverSnag Anchor has exceeded all of our expectations!! The anchor holds our big boat in current, it ONLY weighs 11 pounds, and the design allows you to anchor where you need to and gives you the confidence that you will get your anchor back! Thanks Mike and NeverSnag Anchors on a great product!!!

Joe Ludtke & Jerry Cline    Illinois

" I have now been using the NeverSnag Anchor for over a year now. I have used it up and down the Ohio River from Owensboro, KY to Mason, WV . I have not found any situation including the Hydros near the dams that this anchor would not hold my 19.5 ft. Deep V in. It will even hold me on a mud bottom. One of the big things is the weight being around 11 lbs. I do not dread pulling the anchor to change spots if the fish are not on right away. I would not hesitate to suggest this anchor to anyone."

Vince Nadosky    OHIO

" Easy, compact, light, and it works. What else could you ask for in an anchor? When operating as a professional guide, you sometimes don't have the extra hands to help you get set up. With my NeverSnag Anchors I am able to be the anchor man and captain all in one."

Jason Jackson     Illinois

"I was skeptical when I first got my NeverSnag Anchor. How could an anchor that weighs less than 11# hold my Crestliner Deep V in the currents of the Ohio River and below it's dams? I've had 25# anchors pull free at times and have had to use multiple anchors to hold my boat in place. Well that all changed with this anchor!! The design and manufacturing of this product is top notch. It will hold in rock,sand,mud,trees,or whatever is on the bottom and allows me to have that pinpoint boat positioning needed to catch those big old catfish! I have NO problems throwing this anchor into rocks or trees because I know I'll get it back everytime. On top of all about a back saver!! Pulling up an 11# anchor as compared to a 20-25# anchor makes the day on the water that much more enjoyable"

Brian Lin     Ohio

"Fishing a monster like the Mississippi River has many tasks. One of those tasks is anchoring. I have lost many anchors due to them getting hung up and having to cut them loose. The NeverSnag and it's zip tie release system has made losing anchors a thing of the past for me"

Jason Aycock    Missouri

"An absolutely great anchor!! We started using it a year ago and have been very pleased with it. Holds in the Mississippi River great and the retrieval is ALWAYS easy"

Cary Long    Arkansas

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. NeverSnag Anchors was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – quality was outstanding. It did exactly what it said it would. Now my Dad and Father in law are ordering their anchors from Never snag too.Keep up the good work!”

P. Nelson    Illinois

"I met catfishinfool on a internet fishing page several years ago, ended up in the boat with him a couple times chasing flatheads. When he broke out his homemade anchor, i thought no way is that gonna hold in this current. Didn't think it weiged enough. I was wrong!! I'm glad that anchor was light!! He designated me official anchorman!! Hehe, anyways since then he's built me a couple of them, and I just called and asked him to build me a new one...cant wait to get it"

Gerald Woods-Wash. C.H., OH

"Thanks for the solid hookup on the panhead parts.Pointing me in the right direction and not making a dime off the deal is righteous in my book and the price you gave me on your tins was at least a hundred better than I'd found anywhere else. I'll get the word out to my fellow riders"

Big Rich....loud pipes save lives

"Just wanna say thanks for the anchor, it's been performing real well out here in Texas going after those big cats and gar. Planning to order 2 more soon to give out as prizes at one of our tournaments"

Jerry "Bobo" Brooks

" Just received my anchor. It looks really good, nice welds, and all that, it's so pretty I'm going to hate to get it dirty up here in the Red River. Thanks for the quick shipping"
Mike LaFontaine

" Definitely worth every penny.we do a lot of hole hopping and the low weight of this anchor saves wear and tear on this old guys back an shoulders. Nice job! p.s. my wife wants one in pink! Thank you"

Ray      Roanoke,Virginia

" You told me this anchor would keep me pinned down where I wanted to be, you were correct sir. Doing it's job just right out here on the Big O"

Steve Watson    CAIRO ILLINOIS

"Feel kind of out of place here, I don't fish!! LOL but I do ride and BCF had a NOS part for my Harley that I picked up on the cheap. Good doing business with you BCF, if I ever get a boat, I'll need an anchor LOL"

Larry Davis

"Im a man of few words so I can sum this anchor up in 2 words. IT WORKS!"

Mike Gray    Franklin Furnace,OH

"Well mine aint all purty with fancy logos and all.Heck mine didn't even have paint!Mike fabbed mine up years ago and I aint lost it yet.Aint used any other anchor but this one since.Thanks MP"

Randy C.

"Your product gave my husband back the ability to do what he loves to do most and that's go fishing! He's 74 years old and his ailing joints and arthritis has really taken it's toll and pulling in a heavy anchor was impossible for him. This anchor feels like a feather he says.Thank you"

Rosemary Palmer    Clarksville,Tenn

"I seen all these guys using the anchor at big time catfish tournaments and all the good reviews on the internet and if Bill Dance uses one you know it works so I ordered me one and glad I did too. Helped me catch some bigguns right out of the box!!!!!!!!!!!"

J.R. Wills     Charleston WV

"Holds my 24' ProCat no problem in the mighty miss"

Terry Hanson

"I've been using Mike's anchors for years in the Ohio and Scioto river, its the only anchor I'll ever have on my boats. I bought one of his new smaller ones and it holds my john boat like a dream. Strong strong strong"

Mitch Riley    Chillicothe,Ohio

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