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NeverSnag Anchors Pro Staff

We are proud sponsors of these pro tournament anglers and extremely pleased to have them on our team:

George Young Jr.     (ARKANSAS)

Aaron Wheatley       (KENTUCKY)

Mike Paul                 (OHIO)

Vince Nadosky         (OHIO)

Claude Reynolds       (INDIANA)

Ryan Moran              (INDIANA)

Chris & Lauren Watson   (OHIO)

Jason Jackson         (ILLINOIS)

Jason Aycock          (MISSOURI)

Joe Ludtke              (ILLINOIS)

Jerry Cline              (ILLINOIS)

Mark Blauvelt          (OHIO)

Ryan Lawrence        (TENNESSEE)

Mark & Ace Nawrocki   (TENNESSEE)

Jody Beavin   (KENTUCKY)

Scott Pangborn in addition to Pro Staff, also serves as in field sales rep (OHIO)

Each of these anglers are proven winners and utilize NeverSnag Anchors as an integral part of their tournament winning strategies

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