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CatMaster Rod Foam Handle

7 foot 6 medium heavy rod with foam handle. see description on Rod page

7 foot 6 inch Medium Heavy Rods

Carbon-Graphite-E Glass- S Glass blend formulated for super strength, extreme sensitivity, great action tip, and light weight!!

A do it all rod for anchoring, drifting. dragging. and bumping. Good loading tip, medium heavy in the mid rod, and heavy in the backbone area. No need for multiple rods in the boat or on the bank, Super strong to bring in the big boys with a tip that allows it to be used for fish of ALL sizes,,, yet extremely light and sensitive enough to bump with all day long!!

Extended foregrip and handle for added strength during casting and especially during the fight. The added length also allows it to be tucked away in the elbow for bumping ease!!

Good looking NeverSnag Orange rod with black wraps and a white tip for that night bite. 9 stainless eyes to use with braid or mono with ease. Japanese Fuji style posi lock reel seat. Over 18 months and 4 prototypes of research and development by Mike Paul (over 4 decades of catfishing knowledge and tournament angler since the 1980s} as well as professional guides,boat anglers, bank anglers etc. have put these rods to the test in the Ohio River, Tennessee River, Mississippi River, Hoover Reservoir, Scioto River, Rocky Fork Lake, Paint Creek Lake, etc. And they have not failed us!!!!!!! To see these rods in action, go to Deuces Wild Fishing Charters YouTube channel. They use them exclusively day in and out and have landed fish from mere ounces to well over 70lbs with them. Rods work great for ANY size fish!!

All this quality in a GREAT price

$64.99 for foam handle

$69.99 for cork handle

Cork Handle Rod

7 foot 6 medium heavy rod with cork handle. see item description on rod page

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