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NeverSnag product design and manufacturing

One look at our anchors and you can see a common theme. They all appear to resemble a grappling hook of sorts. Grappling hook type apparatuses have been used since the dawn of time for anchoring, climbing, securing, etc. Many branches of military have used grappling hooks for century upon century for several 

reasons. They are easy to use, they are generally light in weight, easy to store,they are strong, but mostly because THEY WORK!!

Every detail in all of our products has a purpose. The length of the shaft, the length of the tines in relation to the shaft,the weight, the tine spread, the degree of tine angle all work together in tested on the water development. It's simple physics, fulcrums, shafts, equal and opposite reaction. From the tip of the anchor down to it's snag release system...IT'S ALL BUILT THAT WAY FOR A REASON!! NeverSnag Anchors are the creme de la creme of watercraft anchoring

Every single anchor is handcrafted using ONLY American made steel. Each and every weld is solid and STRONG and laid down by competent craftsmen with hands on knowledge!!

Buy yourself a NeverSnag Anchor or a CatMaster Rod and see why they truly are an affordable, game changing marine product

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