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YakMaster unrigged

YakMaster kayak anchor WITHOUT chain or shackle for user to rig as they like. See the YakMaster description on this page for anchor details

NeverSnag Original Pre-Rigged

NeverSnag Original anchor with chain and shackle

NeverSnag Original Un-Rigged

NeverSnag Anchor ORIGINAL model without anchor shackle and chain (NO CHAIN, NO SHACKLE)

NeverSnag Anchor ORIGINAL model

A lightweight , durable, grapple type anchor. VERY HEAVY DUTY!! Simple fool-proof snag release system makes this anchor the last anchor you will ever purchase. Standard Anchor measures approximately 20" long, grapples are approximately 16" across. Powder coated chain prevents damage to boat and the bright orange aids in visibility onboard your boat, especially at night!!. Heavy duty, galvanized shackle provides ease of movement at grapple end. In case of anchor hang up. Simply pull tight on anchor line and cable tie fastener breaks and allows for easy anchor retrieval. Anchor weighs in at less than 11lbs. Feels almost weightless as you drag it in. Allows you to fish directly in the nasty heavy cover and structure. Very user-friendly on the shoulders,arms,and back!! Made of 100% American steel...There are many imitators and duplicators, a lot of anchors look similar and may be advertised to perform but this is the original PATENTED NeverSnag Anchor. We've produced and used these for over a decade.... Order yours today!!

Shipping cost varies depending on zip code and quantity ordered PLEASE VISIT OUR SHIPPING INFORMATION PAGE BEFORE ORDERING PRODUCT(S)


YakMaster pre_rigged

Scaled down version of the GrabLite designed for Kayaks. Very small and compact yet VERY strong. Weighs less than 4 lbs rigged with chain and shackle. Works great for Jon boats or as a second anchor for dual anchoring system. Strong enough to hold large vessels in current (see Deuces Wild Fishing Charters YouTube page to see it in action holding a 24' SeaArk Big Easy in current). So smakll it will stow just about anywhere you want it to. Available pre-rigged with shackle and 1 foot of hi vis chain or available unrigged for user to rig as they see fit Note: zip tie chain or rope directly around main shaft of anchor near the bottom

GrabLite unrigged

12 lb. GrabLite model WITHOUT chain and shackle

GrabLite pre-rigged

12 lb. hybrid of our 2 most popular models.Features The light weight of the Original and the holding power of the GrabMaster

GrabMaster Model pre-rigged

Our TOP SELLING GrabMaster model pre-rigged wih our high vis orange chain and heavy duty galvanized shackle

GrabMaster Un-rigged

16 pound model works on same release principal as the original. Design feature includes strong diggers at end of each tine. Suited well for fast current, deep sand and gravel bars ,wood, and rock cover, Holds large and small boats putting on the parking brake!! Comes UNRIGGED (no chain or shackle)

NeverSnag Anchor chain & shackle

2 ft. of high visibility orange chain with 1900 lb breaking strength and 1770 lb. break strength heavy duty fastener. May be used with ANY of the NeverSnag Anchor models or can be utilized on any anchor , endless marine uses with this product. Think about it, bet you have a use for this product right now!!

Price: $16.99

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