by Mike Paul - NeverSnag Anchors & CatMaster Rods
Prices DO NOT include shipping
If you would like to get a shipping quote before ordering then please contact us at   Be SURE to include what product(s) you are interested in along with City, State, and zipcode.  I will reply to you with a shipping quote as quickly as possible
AFTER SHIPPING CHARGE payment is received, the product(s) will generally ship within 10 business days. However, Due to seasonal demands, high sales periods, trade shows, fishing tournaments, and out of stock issues, please be aware that additional shipping time may be necessary. We will strive to fulfill your order as quickly as possible!
A general idea for anchor shipping cost is $11-$23 (zones 1-4) depending on which product(s) you order, quantity of product(s), and Zip Code of shipping address

You can go onto the USPS website and see which ZONE your zipcode lies within. Zones 1-4 are generally within price range above. Zones 5 and higher may require additional shipping charge

CatMaster Rods ship on average for $14 USPS Priortiy Mail for up to 3 rods. Rods ship up to 3 rods per tube. Shipping is same cost for 1 rod or 3 per USPS rates
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