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NEVERSNAG Anchor Promo
Like the "ORIGINAL" NeverSnag, The "Grab Master"Holds you in the hard to anchor spots.. Making sandbars and gravel beds less difficult to anchor on, even in the toughest of conditions. Give him a...
As a life-long fisherman and catfish tournament angler, it was evident that in addition to having quality gear, good bait, and fishing knowledge, there was one HUGE problem area with boating...THE ANCHOR!! They typically feel like they weigh a ton, they don't hold well in many situations, and if they get hung can almost guarantee that you're going to be cutting the rope and purchasing a new one. That's why I developed the NeverSnag Anchor.These ARE the lightest in weight, most heavy duty, high quality anchors on the market today. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!! And with the fool-proof snag release system and affordable price tag, the NeverSnag just may be the last anchor you ever purchase!! 3 awesome models to choose from!! See our products page for information.Please visit shipping page BEFORE ordering for instructions
a smaller version of the original NeverSnag Anchor
weighs much less, smaller anchor takes up less space on boat, great for smaller boats on smaller rivers,creeks,lakes,pits,ponds,etc., or for those times when the big water is on a fall or experiencing low current. JonnyHook comes without shackle or chain and allows you the freedom to rig it as you like. Works on the same principal as the Original with same fool-proof snag release system. "LIKE" us on our Neversnag Anchors FACEBOOK page

New Anchor geared toward SWIFT current, deep sand and gravel bars, and or larger watercraft. It is currently being tested in the Mississippi, Missouri, and Ohio Rivers with EXCELLENT results!! Pinpoint anchoring at it's finest!! Same principal, slightly different design. Weighs approximately 16 pounds. Same snag release system...AVAILABLE NOW

Always looking to improve your fishing or boating experience. We are experimenting with new products and prototypes in 2014 and look forward to a successful release of NeverSnag marine products that are high in American quality and craftsmanship
****NeverSnag Anchors can be ordered pre-rigged (with chain and shackle) and now available un-rigged (without chain and shackle)
**Mike Paul** (company owner, AWS certified welder, and avid Catfish Tournament Angler)

PROUD SPONSOR of Monsters on the Ohio, Catfishing America, Maximum Catfishing, SWOCC, and the ICA
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